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A partnership initiative between Tyneside Mind and Age UK North Tyneside.

Get Involved as an Activity Provider

We are always looking for more activities to offer people using the Social Prescribing Service. All activity providers will be fully reimbursed for the cost of any Social Prescribing customers attending their activity.

We provide the customer with a payment card, which they would get signed by the activity leader at each session. At the end of the agreed period (usually 10 sessions), you send an invoice to us stating the number of sessions that the customer has attended, and we reimburse the full cost of the activity. The Social Prescribing Coordinator attends the final activity session with the customer, and takes their completed payment card, which we cross reference with your invoice once we receive it.

We ask that all organisations wishing to add their activities to our list are insured with Public Liability Insurance, and that any instructors are certified to the level necessary to instruct the activity, and will need copies of this certification to keep on record.

Please contact us on 0191 2808484 or email for further information.